Cera fruit fly trap refill 1 litre

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Controlling Fruit Fly - 1 litre Refill 

Fruit flies are a terrible pest in home and commercial gardens, they are attracted to fruit, laying eggs in green or ripe fruit which emerge when the fruit is ripe. They can destroy the entire crop.  Cera Trap® is an effective and environmentally friendly way to reduce the numbers of Mediterranean Fruit Fly (Ceratitis capitata) and Queensland Fruit Fly (Bactrocera tryoni). 

This pack contains a unique organic protein based liquid solution that is very attractive to both female and male fruit fly and once the lid is removed from the bottle, the smell of the liquid lures the fruit fly into a specially designed trap. Unable to escape, the fruit fly remain in the trap and drowns in the liquid. The organic liquid does not contain any pesticides and will continue to work even when many flies have drowned in the liquid.

  • Traps both females and males, breaking the breeding cycle
  • Use when fruit first starts to form
  • No need to spray your fruit trees
  • Traps both Mediterranean and Queensland Fruit Fly

Targeting female fruitflies by trapping them reduces the number of fruit flies but is not a complete solution, it is best to also protect fruiting trees or individual fruit with netting. Be vigilant in the garden, pick up any fallen fruit that contains fruitfly larvae and destroy it by either boiling or solarising - do not bury in the garden or put in your bin as they can still hatch out.