Grow Safe Home Gardener Fertiliser 10kg

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Introducing GROW SAFE Home Gardener a truly “living fertiliser” for all round use, endorsed and used by Sabrina Hahn is a revolution in safe fertilising practices.

  • 25 Soil Microbes
  • 60 Rock Minerals
  • Trace Elements
  • NPK 5.5 /1/ 4.5
  • WA Made
  • Non acidic
  • NO animal by-products.

Many traditional fertilisers are all about pumping the plant—this product puts back all the minerals and bacteria into your soil to assist nature in feeding the plant!

A single convenient 10kg bag that is safe for Natives, Gardens, Vege patches, trees and Lawns, Grow Safes new product to the general public 

Grow Safe Home Gardener ties all 3 approaches to fertilising into the one easy use product and cuts down on leaching by using Rock Minerals, Microbes and safe levels of NPK.