In ground Worm Farm

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Worm farm to bury in the ground to fertilise your plants. Fewer problems with overheating worms in the summer when the worms can go deep underground to stay cool, and they 'free range' out of the sides of the worm farm. They will colonise any areas that you have improved sandy ground with clay, organic matter and cover with a mulch.  The Worm Feast is an in-ground feeding station where composting and naturally occurring earthworms process your food scraps & naturally fertilise your garden. Place this amazing worm farm directly in the ground and you will see a remarkable benefit to the surrounding soil and plants. Perfect for putting directly in your vege or flower garden. Add some Soil Solver Rock Minerals to increase the speed that worms can process the waste and also boost the health of your plants with the many trace elements that will be present in the soil as a result. The Rock Minerals are converted into plant available trace elements by the worms. Usually red worms will arrive at your feeding station, but if not, ask around your friends for a few to start you off.