Multiguard Slug and Snail killer 600 g

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Multiguard Snail & Slug Killer (and kills slaters too...)

A New Generation of Snail & Slug Killer Multiguard® Slug and Snail Killer has been developed to provide more effective slug and snail control with less danger to animals and wild life.

How does it work?
Multiguard® is a bran-based, rust coloured pellet that’s applied in exactly the same way as ordinary slug and snail pellets. Unlike ordinary pellets though, it contains a revolutionary new active ingredient called Iron EDTA Complex. This is a substance we come across in everyday life: as a food additive to prevent rancidity, in medicine to treat anaemia, and as a trace element in fertiliser. Despite its benefits to humans however, Iron EDTA Complex is a deadly stomach poison to slugs and snails. Slugs and snails find Multiguard® highly attractive and consume the pellets in preference to nearby plants. Once they’ve eaten, they lose their appetites and head off home to die – quickly and without trace. Shells are seldom found after treatment with Multiguard® .

How effective is it?
Many scientific trials have shown that Multiguard® kills slugs and snails better than other slug and snail killers. In fact a series of Australian trials showed that Multiguard® killed 50% more snails than metaldehyde and 20% more snails than methiocarb in spring and autumn, the seasons when plants are most vulnerable. The trials also showed that Multiguard provided faster protection to the plants than the other baits.

How safe is it to animals?
CAUTION: Do not place pellets in piles or heaps. Do not allow animals access to the packet as dogs may find Multiguard attractive and if consumed in large quantities (eg: a whole box full) it may be toxic. Multiguard is one of the least toxic of all slug and snail killers used world-wide. The active ingredient Iron EDTA Complex is rated less toxic than common salt. In 1997 the Australian Veterinary Association evaluated the safety of Multiguard® to dogs, who are the usual victims, and concluded that it appears to be a great advance in the development of slug and snail killers, showing considerably less toxicity for dogs than alternative products. Multiguard contains a bittering agent to deter the consumption of large quantities by children. As dogs can gulp a quantity of food down before they even care what it tastes like, it too risky to rely on the bittering agent alone to deter dogs from eating Snail and slug baits. How about the environment? Multiguard is also kind to the environment. It doesn’t affect earthworms and has no effect on birds that eat slugs and snails. Even plants benefit from Multiguard® . Apart from being protected from the ravages of slug and snail damage, they can use the iron released from disintegrating pellets as a valuable nutrient source.