Special Offer Bundle - 1 bag of Clay Plus with Half Price Compost

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Special Spring Offer

One 22.5 KG bag of fully mineralised Soil Solver Clay Plus with a HALF PRICE 30 L bag of mature Organic Compost normally priced at $15. 
Being precharged with a healthy mineral balance, adding Clay Plus with a Mature Compost to slowly feed the soil gets every garden off to a great start in spring, because it holds onto more water and nutrients.
Just work into the top 10 to 15cm of sandy garden, water well and cover with a mulch!  
The mature compost is supplied in a plain green bag.

Maximum of 1 per customer (and per garden)

A few of the permanent benefits:

  • cures water repellency
  • turns sand permanently into loam
  • grows mineral rich vegetables
  • healthier plants with larger blooms
  • boost the number and variety of soil organisms
  • holds onto water for longer
  • retains nutrients
  • provides a broad suite of trace element minerals
  • buffers and balances soil pH

Clay Plus is a fully mineralised kaolin clay and silt product that permanently transforms sand into a fertile loamy soil. The tiny clay particles coat the grains of sand to cure water repellency and hold onto water, fertility and humus for longer than compost alone. It creates an earth friendly environment in which soil organisms will thrive and multiply. The more clay and minerals that you add to sand, the more moisture and fertility will be held in the soil. We recommend using between 10 to 25kgs per sqm for a permanent cure for water repellency and for growing nutrient dense fruit and vegetables.

Mineral content:Calcium,Magnesium, Pottassium, Sulphur, Manganese, Iron, Zinc, Copper, Cobalt, Molybdenum and Boron